Aluminum BLTouch mount for RailCore II 3D printer



Mandala Rose Works finally came up with a BLTouch Mount that checks all our “want” boxes, so we are happy to introduce you to it!

Mandale Rose Works primary goal was to produce a mount that was rigid as well as adjustable. No more need for spacers!

The BLTouch Mount is compatible with all of the various Y carriages available for the Railcore II 3D printer. Even the Hemera Y Carriage on the hotend side.

The BLTouch mount for 3D printers comes pre-adjusted to a good starting position, but should you need to adjust it, just loosen 1 screw, slide it to a different position, and tighten it down. Quick, easy and simple! Total movement of the mount is approximately 7mm.

HighTemp3D are an official Mandala Rose Work reseller. We primary sells Mandala Rose Works to Europe but we offer worldwide shipping for all our products.

For further information about Manada Rose Works please have a look at der website.

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