HighTemp3D RemoteHT – High temperature bed level probe



HighTemp3D RemoteHT – High temperature bed level probe. It’s here!

A high temperature probe for high temperature printers!

We’ve been working on this probes for many months. Experimenting and testing. Finally it’s here!

We’ve named it RemoteHT bed level probe. This high temperature probe uses a mechanical switch in combination with a servo motor to probe the bed. The servo motor is outside the enclosure and retracts the probe pin by pulling on a steel string inside a spring guide tube.

The high temperature probe deploys when the servo motor is not pulling at the string. The probe is made of ULTEM1010 and is capable of handling up to 160 degrees celsius. The sensor is completely unaffected by magnetic fields. The high temperature probe has a string tensioning mechanism that makes it easy to adjust the tension in the string.

What you get:

– Bed level probe

– 650 mm of spring guide tube.

– MG996R servo motor with mount

How to get the configuration right for Duet WIFI

This goes in your config.g

M307 H4 A-1 C-1 D-1
M558 P4 C3 I0
M143 H0 S150
M143 H1 S350
G31 X2 Y42 Z1.40 P25 ; Customize your offsets appropriately

This goes in your deployprobe.g:

M280 P4 S95

This goes in your retractprobe.g:

M280 P4 S00

Guide: Mounting the sensor:

Please read this first:


The probe is disassembled at the servo side by unwinding the string and disconnecting theWAGO and then disconnecting the spring guide.. Put the string and the spring guide through the hole in the BLTouch mount and mount the servo part outside the chamber. Connect the springguide and the string to the servo.

  • Make sure the string is loose
  • Mount the sensor such that the tip of the sensor is a few mm below the nozzle
  • Make sure the servo is working
  • Make sure the sensor triggers
  • While the servo is set for extending probe tension the string so it is just barely loose.
  • Make sure that the pin retracts when the print starts.

The servo connects to the DUEX5 board as shown in the picture below

The switch connects to the DUET board as shown in the picture below.

Video guide on how to assemble the RemoteHT probe

We’ve made et even easier to assemble and connect the probe. Have a look at our youtube video. Click here!

Looking for other high temperature parts?

HighTemp3D is specializing in high temperature parts and components for 3D printers. We offer high temperature rails, extrusions, belts and many other parts for upgrading and building 3D printers. Please contact us if you have any inquiries.



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